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Why do I need a daily antioxidant serum?

What is an antioxidant?

Antioxidants are often found in skincare product formulas because of their powerful anti-aging benefits. They are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals – like vitamins A, C, E, and green tea. Antioxidants like vitamin C don't just do a ton of good for your body; they're great for your skin too.

They have the power to protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution, chemicals, and smoke by neutralizing the free radicals in pollution that can cause skin damage. Antioxidants are often found in skincare product formulas because of their powerful antiaging benefits. From protecting against environmental and UV damage to brightening up a dull complexion, serums can offer antioxidant benefits in hyper-concentrated doses.


With daily use, they can help prevent aging skin, including lightening brown spots, stimulating collagen, help combat visible signs of aging, and calm skin inflammations. Not only will your skin be better looking, but it will also be healthier in general.

Several antioxidants provide the skin with hydration and increase moisture retention to help revitalize dull-looking skin. One of our go-to is Vitamin C, often listed as ascorbic acid on products.  Vitamin C is the key to a smooth, glowing, and even complexion. Vitamin C benefits by fading stubborn marks, scars, and spots. From combating the dark under eyes to an acne scar that has made a home on the skin, Vitamin C is equipped with nutrients to fight them all. 

Wondering when to use your antioxidant serum? Apply to clean skin every morning before your moisturizer and SPF. Think of it as providing antioxidant defense for your face before facing the demands of the day.

Remember, it takes weeks to notice visible results from most serums, so you'll want to be patient and have consistent use.  Always apply SPF as your last step.

Vitamin C serums should not be less than 10% or more than 20% L-ascorbic acid (or its equivalent).  We have a loaded 20% in our Ferulic+C Antioxidant Serum.

Vitamin C serum maximizes its benefits when combined with Vitamin E and ferulic acid.

Ferulic+C Antioxidant

  • A highly stable form of 20% Vitamin C polypeptide neutralizes free radicals and even skin tone.
  • Plant-derived pseudo-collagen and hyaluronic acid soften and hydrate. 
  • Ferulic acid increases the benefits of Vitamin C and E, attacking free radicals and building collagen.
  • Jojoba reduces transdermal water loss without blocking skin.
  • Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid with keratolytic and anti-inflammatory activity

Get yours today and be on your way to a

healthier, brighter, and hydrated skin

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